TCA provides a national umbrella network for members within timber communities and communities of interest across Australia.

TCA’s focus is distinct from other organisations due to its strong community emphasis.


The mission of TCA is to represent and act in the best interests of communities which are associated with forest and timber sectors in Australia; and to foster a healthy and sustainable future for those communities and their associated forests.

Communities are both geographic in nature and communities of interest (whereby people are dispersed geographically).


Key roles performed by TCA include:

  • Improving public knowledge, awareness and understanding of forest and timber issues related to community wellbeing
  • Communications and advocacy in the public and policy arena which supports and adds weight to local and regional timber community initiatives
  • Providing a network for members to engage with each other and with other stakeholders
  • Membership of the Social Chamber of the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Membership of the Australian Forestry Standard
  • Supporting our members through initiatives such as the Young Ambassadors group
  • Representing timber community viewpoints in a range of forums


TCA supports the triple bottom line being embedded into forestry and timber products policy in Australia. This means that social/community, environment and economic factors are all taken into account. The tired, old mantra of “forest wars” and “greens v industry” is totally outdated. It does nothing to serve our society or to support sustainability. Genuine commitment to the triple bottom line is right for the times and TCA members play a role in achievement of that at local community and state and national levels.

Timber is a beautiful, versatile, renewable and 100% natural material able to be grown in environmentally sustainable forests and plantations of various kinds. Not only do the growing trees take up and store carbon, the products made from timber also continue to store carbon for the remainder of their life. Did you know that the manufacture of timber building materials, furniture and such like requires less energy intensive production processes than many alternative materials? This means the ‘embedded carbon emissions’ within timber products is relatively low.

Our links page highlights many expert sources of information and we encourage you to explore these. Knowledge is building up about the astounding properties and carbon positive values of timber – we can all benefit from knowing more about this.

Because our society has a goal to decrease net carbon emissions, there is a need for all Australians, whether urban or rural, to understand that sustainably managed forests and timber products are a great asset to help us reach our goal. It must be grown in a sustainable way and harvested in a sustainable way and consumers need assurance about that.

Areas authorised for timber production and harvesting are very tightly regulated in Australia, as are forest management practices. Australia has world class people working in our industry, quick to adopt new information and knowledge about better ways to do things. TCA pays tribute to these people. The whole of our society needs their expertise and commitment.

We urge our readers to take a fresh look at a truly advancing and environmentally responsible industry. We are confident that you will be impressed and reassured by what you see. Many communities are deeply linked with timber production and forestry of all kinds and have every reason to be proud of their involvement.