Matthew Randall

Not unlike his 3-year-old child’s appreciation of the adventures of Peter Rabbit—Matthew Randall spends a considerable amount of his time trying to outwit rabbits keen on tasty seedlings amidst managing 14,000 hectares of timber plantations (more…)

Roy Head

Meet a keen member of the next generation of the Australian timber industry – Roy Head. Roy lives in inner city Sydney with his partner Ari. She’s ‘a keen Greens supporter’ and his passion and profession is native timber manufacturing. (more…)

Michael Dent

Planting 15,000 trees in three days is a remarkable achievement but with a troop of enthusiastic volunteers from around Australia keen to get their hands dirty, anything is possible, according to Michael Dent. (more…)

Leilani Dawes

Leilani Dawes is a Harvesting Supervisor with ForestrySA in Adelaide—she was drawn to the timber industry through a passion for conservation and would like to espouse modern forestry practices to students and the broader community.